The Positive Thinking Quiz | By Peter Guess

Welcome and thank you for taking this "The Positive Thinking Quiz".
positive thinking quiz
It is a simple quiz developed for self-analysis of your outlook and
Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Please be honest and answer
every question to get an accurate result.

You are allowed to redo this quiz as a learning tool because our
PMA plays such a vital role in all aspects of our lives. You will be
shown your full results (answers and final score) once you finish
the quiz. Your results are sent to me and kept private and confidential.

When you complete the quiz, I have a special surprise for you!
Something to enhance and maintain your PMA and motivation.
Yes, totally FREE! No strings attached. No sign up. No obligations...
and ABSOLUTELY no spam.

Thanks for trying out this quiz. Have some fun with it... It's positive!
Peter Guess
B.Soc.Sc. (Social Work)
Cape Town | South Africa | Web:
NOTE: As of 1/8/2017 over 2,000 visitors have taken the quiz.

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